Lingua Guard


Introducing LinguaGuard
An HVE Retraction Aid

LinguaGuard is an innovative disposable add on that allows you to retract and protect the tongue during suction by attaching it to the vented end of your HVE straw.



Safe and effective retraction—made simple.

A disposable, convenient add-on that allows for retraction and protection of the tongue during suction, by attaching to the vented end of a high volume evacuator (HVE) tip.

  • Simple design slides easily onto a high volume evacuator (HVE) tip (sold separately)
  • Wrap design ensures strong fit and support
  • Curved design ensures comfortable retraction
  • Larger surface area makes the HVE tip safer and more effective
  • Easily retract without risk of tissue suck
  • Meant for single use and easily disposable
  • BPA and Latex free


View from a Dental Assistant

“Patient tongues are remarkably good at escaping from restraint and finding their way into a danger zone. LinguaGuard completely eliminates that worry! With gentle pressure, I’m able to hold the tongue back and suction with one hand, freeing up my right hand for passing instruments, handling materials, or rinsing.”

– Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA CDD

Instructions for Use

  • Spin the HVE tip as you insert it into the LinguaGuard sleeve. Spin until the vent hole aligns with the protruding tab in the LinguaGuard sleeve, locking it in place.
  • The retractor should be curved away from the tip of the HVE tip.
  • To remove, spin LinguaGuard counterclockwise to disengage it from the HVE tip vent hole

LinguaGuard should not be sterilized or reused. It should be properly discarded in a clinical waste container to prevent transmission of infectious pathogens.