About Us

Innovative Dental Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2011 by Hari Reyes, a dental assistant with over 11 years of experience. When you purchase our products, you are supporting a passionate team who truly loves dentistry and who will strive to provide nothing but the best for our clients.

“Innovative Dental Technologies was founded on the foundation of our flagship product, ReLeaf. This is a product that was created out of a deep vision and passion for dentistry. ReLeaf is an expression of 6 years of hard work and love. We wake up every morning thankful that we can do what we enjoy; providing innovation to the world of dentistry. Our goal is to always listen, improve & create, dental devices and products that benefit the patient, practice & practitioner.”

Hari Reyes, President & Chief Innovation Officer

Hari Reyes

President & Chief Innovation Officer

ReLeaf founder, Hari Reyes, has over 11 years of experience as a dental assistant. In 2009, while living in a converted attic, Hari realized his true calling: to create products that would improve dentistry for both dental professionals and their patients. From that desire, ReLeaf was born. Over the next six years, after 91 prototypes and over 100 volunteer beta testers, Hari perfected the ReLeaf design.

Hari’s true passion lies with innovating the dental industry, with a number of additional products at various stages of design, his goal is to bring the dental industry into the 21st century.

Phil Fraser

Chief Executive Officer

Phil Fraser received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Washington State University with a concentration in Finance. After graduating, he gained experience in both the corporate finance and investment management fields before opening a successful restaurant in 2014. Phil specializes in corporate guidance, leadership, and marketing. As the CEO of Innovative Dental Technologies, Phil is responsible for guiding both the company and our flagship product, ReLeaf, to becoming integral members of the dentistry community. While Phil’s true passion is entrepreneurship and building businesses, in his free time he enjoys traveling, boating, and repairing anything mechanical. Phil also enjoys repairing, and collecting, classic cars and motorcycles.

Jessica Fraser

Chief Operations Officer

Jessica Fraser received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Washington State University with concentrations in Human Resources and History. She gained experience in both the Human Resources and Finance fields before opening a successful restaurant with her husband in 2014. Jessica specializes in organizational efficiencies, budgeting, and project management. She brings a wealth of organizational and business start-up knowledge to Innovative Dental Technologies. When she is not working to build successful businesses, Jessica enjoys traveling, boating, and camping with her family. She is also an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast.