We Are Proud to Introduce ReLeaf
A new, innovative device that assists practitioners with evacuation, retraction, and maintaining a dry field during scaling, polishing, and restorative procedures. It allows for hands free suction while enabling the practitioner to work in all four quad-rants easily and efficiently. ReLeaf is the solution for dental clinics that allows the patient and practitioner to feel empowered. It ensures that every practitioner can continually provide comfort and efficiency to any dental appointment. With 280 degrees of suction, you never have to worry about suction location again.

Our goal is to improve dentistry through experience and innovation. ReLeaf has the ability to empower both the patient and the practitioner by allowing hands-free suction while providing continuous comfort. It is our pleasure to share ReLeaf with you and we’re confident that this new tool will create a positive impact on your practice and your patients. For detailed information and to view a video of ReLeaf, please visit

Patient Benefits: Comfort

Whether you’re a patient or a dental professional, a goal during a dental procedure is either receiving or providing comfort. ReLeaf is made with a custom blend FDA approved polymer. This polymer is BPA free and enables ReLeaf to be soft, while also providing maximum suction, 280 degrees around the outer edge. This engineering upgrade sets the foundation for several other comfortable attributes ReLeaf provides to the patient.

Dental Practice Benefits: Savings & Productivity

When the practitioner is provided with a variety of proper tools, it empowers them to work effectively & efficiently. The tolerance of dental treatment varies from patient to patient. These differences in tolerances to dental treatment can cause the procedure to take longer then expected. ReLeaf empowers your staff by allowing them to have another option at their reach. It is an option that can help during a tricky situation, in turn preventing the schedule from getting behind.

Practitioner Benefits: Attention to Detail

During a procedure there are many things that simultaneously need to be maintained to provide a positive dental experience. Implementing ReLeaf will help assist the practitioner by allowing them to increase their attention to other important aspects of the treatment being provided.

ReLeaf Instructions