Lingua Guard

Introducing LinguaGuard
An HVE Retraction Aid

LinguaGuard is an innovative disposable add on that allows you to retract and protect the tongue during suction by attaching it to the vented end of your HVE straw.

We have all been in the situation of trying to position and protect the tongue while also trying to achieve ever elusive suction. In the past, holding the tongue with a mirror and the suction with the other hand, left you with no more hands to use. Not anymore! LinguaGuard(TM) offers all of the protection, stability, and suction you had using two instruments and two hands, all in one apparatus! This now allows a free hand to improve chair-side working time and the overall quality of care.


  • Wrap design ensures strong fit and support
  • Curved design ensures safe retraction with no discomfort
  • Retract with ease with no “tissue suck” risk
  • Larger surface area makes the HVE Tip far more safe, effective, and comfortable
  • Simple design slides easily onto the HVE Tip

Price Information

  • $4.99 Sample Kit (5 count, limited time offer)
  • $64.99 for 100 Count